Bankruptcy – Phone Counseling

4 Easy Steps for Counseling by Telephone

Thank you for choosing Credit Counseling Center for your pre-filing budget counseling as required by the new bankruptcy law.

Your attorney has advised you to participate in this counseling session. After the session, you will receive the certificate needed to complete the bankruptcy process.

Step 1

Call CCC at 215-348-8003 to schedule an appointment.

Step 2

Review and Sign bankruptcy disclosure form, CLICK HERE

Step 3

Pay $39.00 FEE for the session (if your attorney hasn’t already). To process your payment online,

(opens a new browser window)

Step 4

Your certificate will be sent to your attorney within 24 hours of completing the course.

  • If you are filing jointly, both filers need to be part of the $39.00 counseling session.
  • Students that complete the program and want to review what they learned can use their user ID and password and login again.
  • If your household income is less than 150% of the poverty threshold, you may be eligible to receive this counseling for free or for a reduced rate. Please inquire if you feel you are eligible. To Apply for a Fee Waiver CLICK HERE