Budget Planning

Budget Planning


Do you have a Spending Plan/Budget?

Do you know where your money goes each month?

Our counselors can help you create a plan and stay on track.

First – we have to determine the monthly cost of maintaining your household.
We look at your income as compared to your expenses to see if it works.

Once-a-year costs can be a strain, but if you plan for it and put aside money monthly or quarterly, you can meet the payment without anxiety.

To start the budgeting process – click here for our Budget Worksheet

We will teach you tips to help plan your budget:

Put the set-aside in a savings account when saving for large expenses and watch your money grow with earned interest.
Look at your short-term plans. If you are saving for a new car, are you putting enough money aside weekly or monthly to meet your down payment goal?
Save enough money to cover 3-6 months of costs to run your household – just in case.
Consider changing your savings strategy to get more money in the bank for emergencies.
Add entertainment. If your plan doesn’t make room for fun you will soon abandon it.
Revise and review your budget often to reach your goals and to make necessary changes.

A plan will help you stay on track. The Credit Counseling Center is here to help!

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