Separating or Already Divorced?

When a marriage ends, it can be emotionally traumatic for both partners. The Credit Counseling Center can help with the process of uncoupling which can be financially demanding.

  • Developing a new household budget
  • Reviewing the credit score and credit situation, and dealing with joint vs authorized user vs individual account.
  • Defining the financial outlook for the family.
  • Budgeting
    • Absolute Essentials – rent/mortgage, electric, car payment, food, car insurances, health insurance, savings
    • Preferences – clothes, personal item, cable
    • Extras – dinner out, entertainment, gifts.

The Credit Counseling Center is here to help you create a realistic budget that both parties can follow moving forward.

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Telephone counseling available for an additional fee. CLICK HERE

Budget Planning During a Divorce (1:12)

You Need to Have a Plan (50 sec)

Are You Prepared for Additional Expenses (47 sec)

Do We Need a Budget Before or After the Divorce (45 sec)

Can Divorce Affect Your Credit? (48 sec)