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Some look at budgeting as a dreadful process, but having a game plan works. Ask any pro football coach, planning, planning, planning is key to winning.

You need some way of determining where your money is going each month. So you’re driving your household spending instead of reacting to an unexpected event like car repair, job loss or a pandemic.

Budgeting means you’re spending with purpose before the month begins. Your plan gives you the freedom to be intentional about what to do with your money, after all it’s your money, and you worked hard for it. Handle it with purpose and be deliberant with where it is going.

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How we can help

Create a spending plan

Budgeting is more than just identifying where your expenses are coming from. We’ll help you prioritize spending and focus your money on the things that are most important to you.

Set financial goals

Setting specific targets for retirement savings, home renovations, or even vacation can help you achieve those goals faster. We’ll identify what portion of income can be put towards the things that matter most to you.

Avoid getting into debt

Most Americans have debt. There’s certainly nothing fun about paying interest on money you have already spent. To avoid debt, we’ll help you plan for what you actually spend and if you are in debt, we can help you find the fastest way to pay it off.

 What it is like to work with us

Finding a trusted partner to help you plan your budget can make a world of difference in how you feel about money. Planning doesn’t mean having less, it means doing more with what you have. With over 25 years under our belts and after helping more than 100,000 individuals and families, know that we’ve got your back and the experience to guide you.

Here’s an outline of what it’s like to work with us. We encourage you not to wait. There are more options the sooner you contact us.

Step 1:  Click here to fill out a contact form or call us 215-348-8003.

Step 2: We’ll set up an initial call to go over your goals and timeline.

Step 3: We’ll set up a 1-hour appointment to examine your finances and credit. 

You will not be rushed, we take the time to walk through each question you have. If necessary a second meeting can be scheduled to review any items we’re unable to get to during our first meeting.

Here is a breakdown of some of the items we cover with you:  

  • Go over all sources of income
  • List all weekly, monthly, yearly and periodic expenses
  • Pull a legitimate credit report and discuss how each item affects your score 
  • Review savings, retirement and other goals

Step 4: You will go home with a budget, a tracking tool to help you stick with your budget, a current credit report and an action plan.

Step 5: We offer continuous counseling if you would like to discuss how to payoff debt, get help buying a home, paying off student debt, and more.

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