It’s time to own your financial future – get out of debt now


Our Debt Management Program can save you thousands

No matter how much debt you have, we can help you.  

Our DMP is a 5 year credit card pay-off plan. Many of our clients complete the program in less than 5 years.

Credit Card Debt Current Interest Rate Maximum DMP Interest Rate Current Balance Current Monthly Payment Monthly DMP Payment Monthly Savings
Credit Card #1 23.49% 5.90% $14,195 $287 $119 $168
Credit Card #2 25.15% 1.90% $9,746 $305 $91 $214
Credit Card #3 27.24% 10.00% $6,725 $155 $ 72 $83
Totals     $30,666                        $747 $ 282                $465


The maximum DMP interest rate is based on our negotiations with the individual creditors. Each client participating in our DMP will receive a personalized credit card payment chart. Budget counseling does not automatically guarantee participation in the DMP.

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The Credit Counseling Center Debt Management Program is for PA residents only.


 With Credit Counseling Center’s Debt Management Program you’ll…

Gain an advocate

We negotiate with your creditors so you don’t have to.

No more late fees

If you’re behind on payments, you’ll stop receiving late fees.

One easy payment

You’ll have one payment each month for all your debt.

End creditor calls

Receiving harassing phone calls or texts, they’ll end too.

Lower interest rates

Your interest rates will be cut significantly, many lower than 2%.

Live debt free!

With our help you’ll be able to take control of your financial life.

What is it like to work with us? 

Finding a trusted partner to help you through difficult financial times can make a world of difference to how you feel throughout the process and the results you experience. With over 25 years under our belts and after helping more than 100,000 individuals and families, know that we’ve got your back and the experience to guide you.

Here’s an outline of what it’s like to work with us. We encourage you not to wait. There are more options the sooner you contact us.

Step 1: To get started, contact us at 215-348-8003.

Step 2: We’ll set up an initial call to review your income, expenses, and debt to form a custom plan for you.

Step 3: After we complete your plan we’ll set up a second call to present the plan, review next steps, and get your approval before moving forward.

Step 4: The plan is put into action. We will work with your creditors to:

    • Lower Monthly Payments
    • Reduce interest charges (many lower to 2%)
    • Stop Late Fees
    • One Monthly Payment

Step 5: We offer continuous counseling until you’re debt free and feel comfortable managing your money successfully.

Ms. Powers-Watts is crucial to the success of the Program and more importantly, is a beacon of hope to her clients. - Barbara N. Lyons, ESQ.

Ready to get started?

All you have to lose is your debt, get started with a brighter future today!