Job loss and decreased income can happen to just about anyone, especially during a pandemic. Household expenses and bills suddenly become paramount, and your budget will shift dramatically. Paying your mortgage at your current rate or monthly loan amounts can become overwhelming.

Like when Jennifer and Gregory found themselves in a tough spot after Greg lost his job. After exhausting his unemployment, he found another job at a drastic pay cut from his previous job.  The family struggled to pay the mortgage and take care of their basic needs for themselves, their 5-year-old son and the baby that is due in a few months.

Jennifer and Gregory came to Credit Counseling Center and we assessed their situation. Through our loss mitigation program, Jennifer and Greg were able to get a mortgage loan modification that lowered their interest rate and also lowered their monthly mortgage payments by $446!  This modification helped Jennifer and Greg keep their family home.

Credit Counseling Center works with individuals, couples and families to assess their unique financial situations. Our counselors are knowledgeable about relief programs that are available, including a current grant from Bucks County Department of Housing and Community Development to provide foreclosure counseling services and financial assistance for those struggling with mortgage payments because of the pandemic. While funds last, the grant will pay the delinquent mortgage amount for individuals who meet the eligibility requirements.

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