MaryBeth McCabe, Esq., is a Supervisor for New Britain Township, PA, and volunteers as a Mediator in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas Foreclosure Diversion Program. She gave this recommendation for Credit Counseling Center:

“I have personally witnessed the efforts of the Credit Counseling Center’s housing counselors as they assist Pennsylvania homeowners to navigate the complex and confusing process to save their homes from foreclosure while in financial crisis. I myself advise any person in the process to call upon the services of the CCC, as very few of their clients lose their homes.”

“CCC is currently the only HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency in Bucks County, providing housing counseling and services to consumers. Speaking also as a Township Supervisor dealing with the effects of the Covid crisis, their services are vital to our residents.”

    • MaryBeth McCabe, Esq.