Meet Jim and Linda, Dentist, Homemaker
The Nightmare is Over!!

Jim and Linda came to the Credit Counseling Center to get help to stop their foreclosure on their home. Jim is a dentist who had his own practice. Back in January he suffered a massive stroke which he almost did not survive.

It took him 18 months of rehabilitation to get back to a point where he could work again. Jim and his wife fell delinquent on their mortgage and a foreclosure complaint was filed later on in the year. Before Jim came to CCC, he was denied for loan modification due to not having sufficient income as he was not back to work yet.

Then Jim was offered a part-time job as a dental implant consultant with another dental practice. But that job fell through when the prospective employer became ill with cancer and closed that practice. Jim found another position providing dental work for senior citizens who resided in nursing homes. He worked for one week and then COVID happened and that job had to be put on hold.

CCC help Jim apply for a homeownership assistance program with the state and, almost 18 months after we first met, he was finally approved.

A letter to our Housing Counselors: “The nightmare is OVER!”

Linda and Jim wrote this letter of appreciation to our staff:

Linda and I walked into our final conference yesterday, having received just moments before, an answer from the state. Our appeal was granted and they are agreeing to give us the full $60,000 loan, which is their limit. 😊

Linda and I can put up the rest, eliminating our mortgage arrears. The nightmare is OVER. The Lord sent you to us, and together we did it !

Words of thanks just don’t do the trick. We want to come and visit you one last time. You have our tears of joy and hugs of gratitude coming. Please let us deliver them in person.

Because of the work you do, and the way you do it, you make the world a better place. We would like to tell you our story, so that others who follow can benefit, and go over what happens next, so please help us set up an appointment with you.

Somewhere along the road, you stopped being a counselor, and became a wonderful friend. We love you. 😍

Dr. and Mrs. M

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