Meet Peter and Kathy, Pharmacist, Administrative Assistant
Severe Health Problems Caused Havoc

Peter and Kathy have been married for over 25 years and have five children. Kathy was a stay-at-home mom and Peter was a pharmacist until he lost his job after 20 years. Peter was unemployed for a year until he found work with less pay but they made their budget work. “Things were great, Peter made enough money, and I did not have to work so I managed our household and the kids until our income dropped out from under us.”

“We had savings ready for an emergency”

While Peter was unemployed, Kathy got a job. They went through all of their savings and then used credit cards to bridge the gap. They were managing to meet their obligations and pay their credit card debt.

Then the unthinkable happened, Peter was diagnosed with a severe chronic brain diseases that attacks his memory. He is now permanently disabled and functions with only short term memory and has to be monitored 24/7.

Kathy went into high gear, finished her degree to get a higher paying job and came to the Credit Counseling Center for help with the $64,000 in credit card that accrued.

Finally Becoming Debt Free

CCC was able to reduce Kathy and Peter’s monthly credit card payments, had their interest rates lowered and helped Kathy create a spending plan to manage her new household expenses. Kathy is now about to graduate from the program having paid $60,000 of the debt, just $4000 to go.

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