Home Strong Project

Home Strong Project by Credit Counseling Center

Credit Counseling Center is excited to share with you the latest information regarding our HOME STRONG Project, an initative dedicated to supporting individuals and families in securing and maintaining stable and secure housing situations.

Our HOME STRONG Project serves two distinct areas of the housing industry; Homebuyer Education and Counseling services, and Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention and Intervention services. These services are provided at no cost to consumers of PA.

We firmly believe that regardless of whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, ongoing education and counseling are invaluable tools in navigating the complexities of homeownership. As the saying goes, “When it comes to buying a home, there’s no such thing as being over-prepared”. We wholeheartedly embrace this sentiment and encourage individuals to take advantage of our education resources and counseling services to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for the journey ahead.

The HOME STRONG Project also serves as a pivotal intervention, offering indispensable assistance to homeowners who are facing the imminent threat of losing their homes. Our project incorporates strategic elements that align seamlessly with the goals of PA County programs, ensuring a more comprehensive and impactful approach.

Both programs offer the following key elements:

Education & Advocacy:

Homeownership is a dynamic journey, and the landscape of homeownership is ever-evolving. That’s why we provide ongoing education and counseling to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions at every stage of homeownership. Additionally, our staff attend Foreclosure Court with Bucks County homeowners facing foreclosure. We establish lines of communication between the homeowners, lenders, the lender’s attorneys and the Courts of Common Pleas to advocate for mortgage assistance leading to permanent home retention outcomes.

Holistic Support Services:

Our comprehensive counseling, financial literacy programs, legal assistance referrals, and partnerships with Real Estate tax offices, Insurance professionals, and Mortgage industry leaders allows our certified housing counselors the opportunity to provide services based on the current circumstances of our clients.

Community Partnerships

Our collaborations with local community organizations, legal professionals, and financial institutions allow for a robust support network. This network enhances the effectiveness of all our services; home-buying services and home retention services and provides a more integrated approach to tackling roadblocks to stable homeownership.

We believe each key element of the HOME STRONG Project will significantly enhance our ability to support homeowners and promote sustainable housing solutions.

Anticipated Benefits:

Home-buyers and mortgage seekers: 

  • Enhanced understanding of the home-buying process and requirements
  • Increased awareness of available homebuyer programs and resources
  • Greater confidence and preparedness among prospective and current homeowners

Homeowners facing the threat of losing their homes:

  • Improved housing conditions and stability for families and individuals
  • Enhanced financial literacy and responsible homeownership practices
  • Strengthened sense of community and resilience among homeowners

Your support, whether through individual donations, sponsorships, or grants, is instrumental in helping us provide crucial counseling services to our community and plays a vital role in empowering individuals and families with the knowledge and resources needed to achieve sustainable homeownership.

Together, we are making a meaningful difference in the lives of our community members.