What Do Our Clients Say About CCC?

These folks are amazing! Credit Counseling Center provided their services free of charge to support the RISE (Redefining Independence, Safety, and Empowerment) program at my organization, A Woman’s Place. We’re Bucks County’s only domestic violence program, and for our clients, money is a real issue. 98% of cases of domestic abuse also involve financial abuse – many people don’t realize financial abuse is the most common form of abuse! For many of our clients, their partners have not let them manage their own finances or sometimes even work outside the home. As our clients move past crisis and get into the long process of rebuilding their lives through the RISE program, we consistently found that managing money and credit is a real challenge for them. The folks at Credit Counseling Center rose to the challenge and do AMAZING work for our clients. We are so grateful to them for their support and expertise!
– Jesse Steele, A Woman’s Place

Joan Reading & Nicole Kelliher at the Credit Counseling Center (CCC) are 2 amazing women! I have had the pleasure of working with both of them at my place of employment for 2 years now, and I can seriously say they have helped hundreds of our clients look into their credit scores, help them out with budgeting techniques, saving, financing, and sometimes filing for bankruptcy. They are attentive and always ready to lend a hand to whomever is in need of credit help. I would 100% recommend the CCC to anyone who is struggling and needing an outsider’s perspective on credit advice, guidance, and most of all, support.
– Susan Demenczuk, Good Friend’s, Inc.

I’m so glad that my attorney recommended I meet with Joan at the Credit Counseling Center. She gave me the information I needed to attack my situation. At my age it’s supposed to be different. I should be getting ready for retirement, not looking for a new job.
– Bob

Since we started with the Credit Counseling Center’s Debt Management Program, we have paid off $50,519 in credit card debt! Now we are able to save for our children’s college education.
– Glen and Barbara (Paid off $50,519)

I am relieved that you helped me save my home! However, I want to especially thank you for your time, hard work, kindness, professionalism and dedication in my time of need. I can’t thank you enough!
– Sandy

It was a relief to find someone was going to take over the pain for me.
– Pat (Paid off $16,614)

Breaking down the items on my credit report and coming up with a plan put my mind at ease – it didn’t seem like such a daunting task anymore.
– Leah

CCC helped me save my house and got me back on track.
– John (Paid off $28,241)

Thank you for showing me how to take control of my finances. Life seems brighter now, without creditors bearing down on me.
– Catherine. (Paid off $54,532)

Your service has been more than bankruptcy certification. It’s affirming and liberating. A compassionate process – what most individuals like myself experiencing this process need. Your dialog provoked a spirit of peace, freedom and new beginning. For that I thank you.
– Deborah

Once we got behind, things got really tough, any payments sent to the creditors were being eaten up in interest and the late and over limit fees were killing us. My counselor took the time to show me how to develop my budget and still pay off my debts.
– Bill (paid off $18,417)

After being in your office I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I am starting to see results and am feeling more in control of my finances.
– Robert (Paying off $32,000)

CCC can help people who are overextended straighten things out. CCC provides an important service to our community.
– Owen O. Freeman, Jr. past Chairman of the PA Association of Community Bankers

My client was very impressed with the level of professionalism and the degree of courtesy and respect which CCC extends to its clients.
– James J. Auchinleck, Jr., Attorney at Law