For several years, Ruth charged around $15,000 on her credit cards for Christmas presents. While shopping she wasn’t thinking about her budget, she was thinking about her three kids and their Christmas list. As they got older, the items they wanted became pricier and credit cards became the means to get the kids what they wanted.
When the credit card bills would pile up after Christmas, Ruth knew she was in over her head. She would pay the minimums on the cards each month and that seemed to work for a while. Then, she needed a major car repair and she couldn’t juggle the cards anymore – she needed help.

Ruth called the Credit Counseling Center, and found the help she needed. “The Credit Counseling Center helped me organize a budget, and set up a plan to pay off my debt. It was a great relief when the credit card phone calls stopped and I saw my balances begin to shrink. Most importantly, the Credit Counseling Center saved me from bankruptcy and losing my dignity and self-respect,” said Ruth.


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