For over 26 years Credit Counseling Center has helped more than 25,325 families get their debt paid off and regain control of their financial life.

Here is just a sampling of the feedback we have received.

Meghan said, “I never imagined losing my job as an executive due to a global pandemic. Credit Counseling Center has been an absolute godsend to me and I am so thrilled I was able to swallow my pride and ask for help! After weathering a divorce as a stay at home mom and then surviving breast cancer, I was finally able to thrive again. Erica has been a tremendous help modifying my budget to work with the extreme pay cut and Paula left no stone unturned in applying for mortgage assistance. You have both been so diligent, focused, and supportive! I am so grateful.”

In addition to mortgage assistance and debt repayment for credit cards, Credit Counseling Center helps families in pursuit of first time home ownership, rebuilding credit after past hiccups, and getting on the same page about household spending with your partner.

Here’s what Lisa and Fred had to say. “We never budgeted or talked about money and had divided up some common household bills when we first got married. We trusted and assumed the other person was handling their part. We treaded water with this method for 7 years, and now we were drowning in debt. Joan helped us get real with our spending, develop a budget, a savings account and start a plan to pay off our credit card debt. It was extremely hard in the beginning, but each month we got smarter and financially stronger. Having one payment to the Credit Counseling Center each month is an amazing benefit that has helped us organize a monthly budget that we can now manage.”

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