I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything Credit Counseling Center has done to keep me afloat during this crazy year!

After weathering a divorce as a stay at home mom and then surviving breast cancer, I was finally able to thrive again! In 2017 I purchased the house my two boys and I were renting. We have truly made it into a lovely home despite the forced move and downsize. I had overcome so much and things had been looking up! Then COVID hit. I never imagined losing my job as an executive in the travel industry due to a global pandemic, but here we are!

As a single parent I have very limited support. Your organization has been an absolute godsend to me and I am so thrilled I was able to swallow my pride and ask for help! To have this kind of help on the local level is a genuine lifeline for us! Erica has been a tremendous help modifying my budget to work with the extreme pay cut and Paula left no stone unturned in applying for the mortgage payment assistance from Bucks County. You have both been so diligent, focused, and supportive!

I am now sitting here only days away from Christmas with my mortgage paid because of you both! I cannot believe it and again am so truly grateful for this help! This is the magical season of giving and my boys and I are definitely feeling all the love from the CCC! This too shall pass and I will thrive again!

    • Meghan K.