Join us for our 2023 Fundraiser

Raise the Bar for Financial Literacy


Thursday November 9, 2023 | 5 – 7 p.m.


Delaware Valley University Life Sciences Building
700 E. Butler Avenue, Doylestown, PA

Join us for our 2023 Fundraiser

Enjoy an evening of food, drinks, music, prizes & fundraising, as we report on CCC’s community impact and honor Barbara Lyons, Esq.

Tickets directly fund us to counsel families and spread awareness on financial wellness in our community. Information on corporate event sponsorships and program ads below. For questions, please call 215-348-8003 or email

Raise the Bar for Financial Literacy Fundraiser - CCC

Join us for our 2023 Fundraiser, and enjoy an evening of food, drinks, live music and fundraising, as we report on Credit Counseling Center’s Impact in the Community. We’ll present an overview of family and finances in Bucks County and Pennsylvania, and how we lay the groundwork for a brighter future with our counseling services.

Barbara Lyons, Esq.

Honoring Keynote Speaker: Barbara Lyons, Esq.

Ms. Lyons will speak about Credit Counseling Center’s vital role in the Bucks County Foreclosure Diversion Program, including providing guidance and counseling through the process. Ms. Lyons, an attorney with her own practice, and a member of the Board of Supervisors of Doylestown Township, spearheaded the program in 2009 and has been a longtime supportive partner in helping thousands of families avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes.

At Credit Counseling Center, we believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives. Our mission is to promote financial literacy and empower individuals with the skills they need to make informed, confident decisions about their finances. By attending our fundraiser, you’re not just supporting a cause; you’re contributing to a brighter, financially literate future for members of our community.

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Why Support Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is more than just understanding numbers; it’s about gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complex world of managing money. With 76% of families living paycheck to paycheck, many live with severe financial stress and debt. Most people were never taught how to manage money effectively, which prevents them thriving and feeling secure. Your support makes a tangible difference.

By attending our fundraiser, you’re directly helping us by generating funds to:


  • Provide free counseling sessions to Pennsylvania residents that teach them budgeting, saving, investing, and more.
  • Reach underserved communities and empower them with the tools for financial independence.
  • Help families avoid foreclosure or eviction and stay in their homes, through housing-related programs.
  • Resolve delinquencies for mortgages, utility bills and credit card payments, so loans can be paid back in ways that are manageable. 
  • Hold workshops and online seminars to teach practical skills and spread awareness.

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Corporate Sponsor Packages

We rely on the generous donations of many local companies to serve our clients. Please consider becoming a sponsor of our 2023 event.


Delaware Valley University Life Sciences Building

700 E. Butler Avenue, Doylestown, PA

Can’t attend on November 9?

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Volunteer & Ambassador Programs

Volunteering for the Credit Counseling Center (CCC) directly helps us provide services to more individuals and families in your community.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Community Outreach

Do you love getting involved in the community and meeting new people? You can help by attending these types of events:


  • Community events and fairs
  • Other non-profit events
  • Workshop support
  • Booths located at partner organizations like Sam's Club and Acme

Office Support

Our office staff is always busy. Here’s some of the ways you can help:


  • Administrative: Coordinating shredding events, File sorting
  • Client communications: ex. Check-in calls to clients
  • Marketing & PR: Building newsletter, Copywriting, etc
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • And more!

Ambassador Program

As an CCC Ambassador you’d support us in the business community in the following ways:


  • Represent CCC along with your organization at business-centered events such as local chamber mixers
  • Share your professional expertise, potentially on one of our committees
  • Like/Share CCC social posts
  • Promote employee financial wellness programs

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